Go to and select from the top menu "My profile".

If you haven't already created an account in our website, please register to get access to your user panel.

Inside your user panel, select "My devices".
If you've bought your Weimei device from our website, your device will automatically show as registered and verified, so you can proceed and select "Request RMA".

On the contrary, if you've got your Weimei through one of our authorized distributors, you must first register your device. To verify the registration, you'll be prompted to upload a picture of a valid invoice where we can easily find and read the date of purchase and the IMEI number for the device. Please keep in mind that this information has to be perfectly legible in order to proceed to the next step. Once registered and correctly verified, you can select "Request RMA".
Now you will have to select the kind of issue that you have, and write a more detailed explanation of your issue before you can send your request.

After you send your request, we will send you an e-mail with the collection date at your designated address.
If you have any doubt, you can reach us through our e-mail:
(*) Exceptionally, there may be cases where the reparation can take longer times than expected, in which Weimei will always inform the client as soon as possible.