The Warranty

WEIMEI MOBILE, S.L. (hereafter WEIMEI) offers a limited warranty of one year and a second year covered by EU consumer laws on the products and services purchased on weimeimobile.com or from any of its fully approved and authorized distributors. Warranty shall commence from the date of the purchase. The client is required to provide WEIMEI a proof of purchase if the date of purchase is not available for any reason. The present warranty is limited to the following territories in which WEIMEI has established an official point of sale:

Germany Denmark Finland Ireland Portugal
Austria Slovakia France Italy United Kingdom
Belgium Slovenia Greece Lithuania Czech Republic
Bulgaria Spain (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla not included) Holland Luxembourg Romania
Croatia Estonia Hungary Poland Sweden

The limited warranty offered by WEIMEI covers exclusively (unless it’s specified differently) the hardware components originally supplied with the product. This warranty does not cover software, accessories or consumable items, even if sold or packaged together with the product. The limited warranty only covers product defects caused by workmanship or build materials.

Any repairs, replacements and transportation cost, including shipping and handling if covered by the limited warranty will be free within the warranty period. On the other case, if the product is not covered under the terms and conditions of this warranty, WEIMEI reserves the right to charge a fee* for labour costs and transportation. If the product is not covered by the warranty and it is repaired, WEIMEI will give a six (6) month warranty only to the repaired piece. Any other problem will be considered as a new repair ticket.

WEIMEI reserves the right to use rebuilt, new parts and components or reconditioned when repairing the product. In other cases, we may replace the defective product completely with a rebuilt, new or reconditioned WEIMEI product. Any parts of the product or other equipment replaced by WEIMEI shall become the property of WEIMEI.

Return Policy

WEIMEI’s products maintain the highest standard and each phone and its accessories are carefully made. But, if the buyer has a reason not to be satisfied with the product he bought, he has the option of requesting a return during the first 15 natural days of purchase. WEIMEI reserves the right to refuse a returns after the initial 15 days period.

In the case the buyer wants a return, he or she is required to send the product back to WEIMEI along with all documentation and accessories that he received. Please, don’t send any additional add-ons, like screen protectors, memory cards or SIM cards. Please keep in mind that you are the only person responsible for all personal information stored in your device. WEIMEI recommends to back up your data; erase all sensitive and personal data before returning the product to us.

WEIMEI reserves the right to refuse a refund when the product returned to us has been damaged. In each case, we will carefully check the product and verify the fault. If we detect any physical damage caused by neglect, tampering, misuse, incorrect adjustment and installation or normal wear and tear, we reserve the right to refuse the refund. Additionally, if price fluctuations are the only reason for return of the product, WEIMEI reserves the right to refuse the refund.

The product must be in ‘as new’ state and, desirably, with the original sealed packaging untouched. Accessories must also be sealed in their original packaging. Upon receiving the product and approving your request, WEIMEI will provide you with a full refund, diminished by shipping and handling fees involved in the return process.

How to claim your warranty?

All claims to the warranty must be requested through the user panel area. Please register or log on to you with your user account to reach this option.

What is NOT covered in the warranty?

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Devices with the IMEI number or serial number or removed, defaced, altered, damaged or made illegible.
  2. Any defects or damage resulted from neglect, accidents, any misuse or abnormal use of the product; improper storage of the product or any other abnormal conditions; liquid, sand and dirt; any physical, electromechanical or electrical stress that is considered unusual, earthquakes or any other external cause.
  3. Any cosmetic damage (including but not limited to scratches, dents, plastic deformations, etc.)
  4. Any defects or damage created from the use of product in conjunction with other products, accessories, software, data or any other peripheral or subsidiary equipment from a third party not approved by WEIMEI.
  5. Any faults caused by the incorrect use or handling the device contrary to the instructions manual for the product (including, but not limited to any faults caused by any sharp objects, crushing, bending or dropping, extremely low or high temperature, exposure to moisture, software or firmware updates).
  6. Any defects or damage resulted from cellular signal reception, signal transmission and any other software issues brought into the product, including, but not limited to any viruses.
  7. Any hardware or software malfunctions derived from the root access of the device. Note: Rooting the device is an extremely dangerous action, as it can permanently harm your device.
  8. Normal wear and tear.


WEIMEI shall not under any circumstances be held accountable for any loss of data or information, or any damage or harm of any kind brought by the loss, damage or distortion of data or content during the replacement or repair of the product. WEIMEI strongly recommends the user to back up all the data stored on his phone.

Other important information

This product is a complex electronic device. WEIMEI suggests that you carefully read the user manual and any other instruction related material provided with the product. The product may include highly complex screens, camera lenses and other similar parts that could become scratched or suffer different forms of damage if they are not handled carefully. This warranty does not cover that type of damage.

In the case of out of warranty repairs, we will send the client a repair quotation after the product has been thoroughly verified by our technicians. In these scenarios, the client has 90 days to make a decision. If the client decides to decline the quotation and wants the products to be returned, he/she will always have to pay for the transportation costs as the warranty has been voided. In the case that no decision has been communicated by the client to Weimei during the 90 days from the date that quotation is sent, the products will no longer belong to the client and Weimei will become the sole owner of these products. We believe that 90 days is reasonable time for the client to make and communicate a decision.

This warranty does not cover damages occurred during the product transportation, including but not limited to external damages, scratches, dents, etc. In this case, the previous warranty conditions will apply.


This document was last updated on the 05 of March 2018.

WEIMEI reserves the right to modify and change this document at any moment.

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*Return rate for an out of warranty product: 10€ Spain (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla not included).