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You and just you

Welcome our new Home button with
fingerprint sensor. Enjoy a higher security
level and the brand new sideslide function.

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The bright side

Sliding your finger to the left or right
on our Home button, you will
access to a customizable shortcut menu
for the apps you most use.

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Not a sweat

wePlus 2 is so powerful you will be able
to change between apps in a breeze
and keep them open in the background
without any slowdowns.

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Android 6.0

Our software keeps getting better
and brings out an overall great and unique experience
that has become already our trademark.

Prepared for everything

Our great camera,plus the 14 photo modes
and its ability to preview results in real time,
will make your choice easier when you need
to chose the perfect mode for
the perfect moment.

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Endless capacity

We don't want you to run out of space ever,
that's why our wePlus 2 comes with 64 GB
and you can always use a Micro SD
card up to 128 GB if you want to.
It won't to be easy to get it full.

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Just a moment

You must bet on the future,
and the future belongs to the USB Type C.
Not only gives you a more intuitive way
to charge your wePlus 2,
but also allows more power flow to your wePlus 2
which means: fast charging.

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The Beast Experience